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Chinese Corporate Video Production

Chinese corporate video production

Are you looking for Chinese corporate video production company? We are based in Shanghai China and we have great amount of experience in corporate video production.

Corporate Video Production With Local Knowledge

As we all know, producing a corporate video is not only about the nice image, it’s more about the content that delivers the message, and moreover, a message that related to the audience. We have worked on a lot of corporate video production, and we learned that it’s important to work with our clients to craft the script patiently.

Started in 2013, our goal is to help our clients communicate with the world, we focus on the content creation, that’s why we bring in our in house director and producer at the start of the production meeting, they have been working with since 2013, the experience from them is essential for the future video development.

Previous work matters

It’s hard to select the right video production company, why not choose from their previous work? We would love to help our clients with our past experience, that’s why we only pick on the projects that suit our scale and knowledge.

Feel free to check out our corporate video work, and let us know your thoughts.

Corporate Animation Videos Direct and Produced by us.
Corporate video for Architecture firm IMC. We shot this video in New york and Shanghai
Corproate video for furniture company Simon Li Sofa.