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Shanghai FPV Drone Video Services – ABB Robotics Mega Factory Fly Through

Looking for Shanghai FPV Drone Video Services ? Are you ready to revolutionize your drone videography with the power of FPV (First-Person View) technology? At our company, we pride ourselves on providing some of the highest quality Cinema FPV footage in China.

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Cinematic FPV is a form of high-speed drone cinematography that offers a small package with extreme precision and dynamic, impactful aerial coverage. It allows for a perspective that is simply not possible with traditional filming methods, making it a valuable tool for realtors, marketers, businesses, and directors looking to captivate their audience with visually-engaging content.

Shanghai FPV Drone Video Services
Shanghai FPV Drone Video Services

Our FPV Tech Team is comprised of skilled professionals who are able to custom build and engineer the perfect setup for any shoot. Whether you’re looking to fly a small 4K camera, a GoPro, or even a cinema-grade camera like a RED or Alexa Mini, we have the equipment and expertise to make it happen. We can accommodate a wide range of filming needs and are committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible results.

In addition to our cinematic FPV services, we also offer the thrill of FPV racer drones. These fast-paced, in-your-face drones are perfect for those who want to capture high-energy action and intense, immersive footage. No matter what your videography goals may be, we have the tools and knowledge to help you achieve them.

But FPV technology isn’t just limited to the United States. In fact, it has become increasingly popular in cities all around the world, including major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. These bustling metropolises offer a unique and diverse range of landscapes and architectures, making them perfect locations for FPV filming. From the towering skyscrapers of the financial district to the ancient temples and traditional hutongs of the city’s historical neighborhoods, the possibilities for visually-striking FPV footage are endless.

So why wait? If you’re ready to take your videography to new heights with the exciting and innovative world of FPV, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is dedicated to helping you capture the most breathtaking and memorable footage possible, no matter where in the world you may be.

China Content Production Support: Feng Chen Wang x Piaggio One

Looking for China Content Production Support? We have a collective cinematographers that can meet our clients need for their content production in China. We had opportunity to work with our client WBTR & Piaggio, produce the special edition of electric scooter Piaggio One.

China Content Production Support
Our Cinematographer and camera crew working on the shoot with Feng Chen Wang

This scooter looks amazing with the Chinese traditional painting, while we work with Feng Chen Wang during the shoot, we had chance to see how she came up with the design. Feng Chen Wang made it easy for our production during our shoot, truly a inspiration icon.

Creativity, innovation and sustainability give shape to an exclusive collection

Feng Chen Wang is one of the most experimental and innovative fashion designers of the international scene and Piaggio is a brand symbol of urban mobility. The collaboration between them stems from strong and shared values ​​and initiates a multi-faceted conversation on the issues of individual freedom, sustainability and contemporary mobility.

The fashion collection, presented on October 13 at Shanghai Fashion Week, reshapes tradition in original and surprising garments and it seals a partnership that will lead to a customized version by Feng of Piaggio 1, Piaggio’s first electric scooter.

Executive Producer: Tim Pries

Head of Production: Chris Whitney

Director & Director of Photography: David McMurry

Creative Director: Tuesday McGowan

Creative Supervisor: Simon Mowbray

Editor: Collin Kriner

Line Producer & Post Producer: Eden Cooney

2D Animators: Jake Pryor, Wesley Phung

Production Partner: Matt Clarke (Shoot in China)

Sound Artist: Blake Aaron Henderson

Copywriter: Chang Fuerte

Music: Aloka Creative Cloud – Chad North

Color: Sean Wells (Roast n Post)

Looking for China Content production support? We have done a lot of similar projects in Shanghai and across China, feel free to contact us for more info.

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Commercial Production Support in China: Breitling’s Spotlight Squad

China Commercial Production Support

Commercial Production Support in China ? We had chance to work with the famous fashion photographer Tom Munro last year, further more, the shooting was feature famous Chinese actress Yao Chen. This commercial was shot in three different cities around the world, and for China part, we were shooting with Yao Chen in Sanya, Hainan island, the place is famous for it’s four season tropical weather, we felt so lucky to be part of this project.

Remote Shooting between 3 cities

The whole production was done in a studio, the black and white color makes it easy for the different cities footage look similar. We were in charge of the whole China part, shooting everything remotely with the director. Yaochen and her team are very easy to work with, and we managed to finish the whole shoot on time.

We have a lot of other commercial production support showcase in our showreel page.

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The final work looks really cool, the director Tom Munro should take all the credit.
Commercial Production Support
Shoot everything in a studio in Sanya Hainan.
china commercial dp, commercial cinematographer,
We hired a double for Yaochen even though she appears every time we hope she’s on set.

We provide production services across China, whether you need our commercial production support in China, for part of your project, or looking for full production in China, we have the experience and network to make it happen.

About us:

Established in 2011, [SIC] is teh result of a 15 year partnership between producers Clark Wang and Matt Clarke (no relation). We set up Shoot in China to utilise the knowledge and experience gained from working with local and international production houses across China, with the aim of providing a higher quality, better value service for international clients.

Over the last decade we’ve delivered more than 1600 projects, ranging from high end TVC, film and documentary shoots to simple one day shoots, equipment rentals and logistical support for visiting crews.

Westin Hotel Lets Rise Anthem Film

Westin Hotel Commercial Film

We are very proud to work with one of the famous director Per-Hampus Stålhandske from Sweden, this new film for Westin is very nicely shot and edited together beautifully, the whole film was shot remotely between China, Sweden, with the company of clients from Hong Kong and New York, we didn’t think it was going to be easy, but with the great communication ahead of the production, we pulled it off smoothly in the end.

This film was filmed in Shanghai, Nanjing, Sanya, three locations, to present the audience that Westin Hotel is a warm, yet comfortable place to stay, we did many rounds of casting to find the talents, at the same time, we spent a few weeks on locking down the locations in different cities of China.

Westin Hotel Film: Westin Lets Rise Anthem Film

Agency: 160over90,

Production Company: Shoot In China,
Director: Per-Hampus Stålhandske
DOP: Kenny Du
AD: Ronnie Wu
Producer: Paige Demarco, Clark Wang,
Production Coordinator: Matt Clarke
2nd Producer: Natalie AMBARNIKOVA
Production Manager: Leon Chen, Circle Lee,
Gaffer: Huang Jun
1st AC: Guozheng
FPV: Andrew Gui
Drone Light: Feng Yi
Trinity: Zhong BoTai
Makeup/Wardrobe: Lisa Yue
Photographer: Una Zhu


Zhang dong
Xiang Yiman
taichi extras
BTS Photographer: Oleg Skuir

Armani x Jackson Yee 易烊千玺 China Commercial Production Support Services

China Production Service

China Commercial Production Support? We can help you with the similar shooting as this project.

Latest work we helped on Armani x Jackson Yee, Directed by Tom Munro, the whole project was remotely shooting through different teams around the world, we were very lucky to work with one of the most popular male actor/icon in China Jackson Yee 易烊千玺, he made his name by great performance in his film career and challenging different roles in the modern days.

Production: Keeper Content
Director:Tom Munro
Producer: Matt Clarke
Local Production: Shoot In China
DOP&Gaffer: Nai
Ronin Camera Op: Ken Xu
AC&Focus Puller: Wu Xin
AD: Clark Wang
2nd AD: Natalia Ambarnikova
Production Manager: Leon Chen
Best Boy: Circle Lee
Photographer: Anne-Lise Ramooloo
Photo Team: Tin, Johnny, Max,
Sound: Wang Fuhu
Stylist: July Zhang, Lixiao Xu,
Double: Cao Yunlei
Make Up:
Set Helper: 大军,
Equipment: 典力
Studio: 典力

Special Thanks to 特别感谢 :
Great Jackson Yee&His Team & Armani China Team 易烊千玺和他的团队,以及阿玛尼中国的同事们!

China Commercial Production Support
China Commercial Production Support

Production Support in Shanghai – Under Armour x Zhu Ting -Commercial

production support in shanghai

Are you looking for Production Support in Shanghai ? We have years of experience on helping clients with all their production needs when it comes to filming in Shanghai, and across China. We had chance to work with our clients and shoot this video during the pandemic with the national volleyball player Zhu Ting.

We helped our clients to shoot this project in China remotely.
Production Support in Shanghai

Production support in China

Shooting in China is complicated, when we started our company our goal is to help our clients solve their issues, we never thought this can turn into a business, the fact is, it’s not a easy task when you try to do video production in China, we are here to provide all the support our clients need, from the small scale shoot to the big scale production, our small team has a big network, this makes us work fast and efficient.

Feel free to check out more of our work on our main website.

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Are you planning a video shoot in Shanghai? Look no further for reliable production support than Shoot In China. With our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, we provide comprehensive production services to ensure your shoot is a success.

When it comes to production support in Shanghai, our team is second to none. We have been operating in the city since 2012, accumulating over 10 years of experience in the industry. We understand the local landscape, regulations, and logistics, enabling us to navigate any challenges that may arise during your shoot.

Our crews in Shanghai are highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about their craft. From cameramen and camera operators to sound engineers and production assistants, our team members work together seamlessly to bring your vision to life. We handpick our crews to match your specific project requirements, ensuring the highest level of quality and expertise.

BBC Nanjing Jiangsu Travel Documentary

Nanjing Jiangsu Travel Documentary

We helped our clients to shoot this documentary remotely in Nanjing China, with limited crews we shots some really nice footage, the director from the states worked really hard on the pre-production that’s why the whole video look so flawless, we want to thank the client (Persistent Productions) for the opportunity.

Nanjing Jiangsu Travel Documentary
Nanjing Jiangsu Travel Documentary

If you need to shoot in China during the world lock down, we provide the remote shooting services in China, hire our local crew and production services to get all the footage you need.

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Shanghai Production Support – Support Your Video Shoot in China

Are you looking for production support in China? We help our clients with all their production support needs in Shanghai China, we provide all the filming permit, film equipment, film crew and anything you might need.

Shanghai Production Support Services

Here is a project we helped our clients last year, with the great communication provided by our clients, we provided production support services to them.

Shanghai Production Support, Shanghai Production Services

China Documentary Production Support

Are you looking for documentary production support in China? In the past few years, we have been providing documentary production support services to some of the major media companies all over the world. Our services is simple, to make it easier for content creators whose coming to China and get what they want.

China Documentary Production Support
China Documentary Production Support? Our fixers are the top notch in the field.

China Documentary production

When it comes to documentary production, China has a strict rules about giving the visas, apart from that, having a visa won’t be the pass for everything, finding the interviews, asking for the location permit, can also be a challenging task.

That’s why our experience and network can help, we are a team of fixers and line producers, with years of documentary production, our experience will be the time saver for your next production in China.

Shanghai Auto Film Production Support

Are you in the automotive industry and looking to produce high-quality video content for your brand? Look no further than our Shanghai-based team for reliable and professional auto production support services.

At Shoot In China, we have over 10 years of experience providing video production and filming support for clients across China, and we specialize in auto production support services. We understand the unique needs of the automotive industry and are committed to delivering top-quality services to meet our clients’ expectations.

Our auto production support services include a full range of video production services tailored to the automotive industry, including car commercial production, product launch videos, and promotional videos. We also provide location scouting, talent sourcing, and production coordination services to ensure that your shoot runs smoothly and efficiently.

We have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering high-quality results for every project. Our team includes skilled cinematographers, camera operators, sound technicians, and producers who work together to create visually stunning and engaging content that showcases your brand’s unique value proposition.

In addition to our skilled team, we also offer state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure that your video project is captured with the highest quality and resolution. Our equipment includes HD/4K cameras, Steadicam/Ronin/Trinity, drones/helicopters, and live streaming technology to provide a comprehensive solution for your auto production needs.

We understand that the success of your auto production project depends on timely delivery, which is why we work closely with our clients to ensure that deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded. We are committed to delivering a stress-free experience that allows you to focus on what matters most – your brand.

In addition to our auto production support services in Shanghai, we also offer full coverage for other cities across China, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Kunshan, and Suzhou.

If you’re ready to take your auto production project to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals. With our expertise and resources, we are confident that we can deliver the top-quality results that your brand deserves.

We were lucky to provide auto production support services to our clients in Shanghai, if you are planning to shoot some auto/car commercials or related content, feel free to let us know, we would love to provide any assistance that will make it easier for your car shoot in China.

Shanghai Film Production Support? We are here to help.
Shanghai Production Support